Baby it's cold outside

Lou Mumford

As the temperature drops and those warm, balmy Spring days grind to a halt, its time to bunker down and get cosy on the inside.

Whether you’re contemplating renovating, in the process of selling, or just wanting to make your home warmer and more welcoming, we have put together some ideas for “hotting” up your home this Winter.

As the sun loses it strength, its time to light up and turn it on.  

Table and floor lamps can transform the mood in any room, illuminating your workspace, livening up a dull corner and showing off works of art. But during the cooler months, these luscious lamps make your home appear warmer and more inviting too. For too long an afterthought in the decorating process, lamps now make a real statement, as do the globes. There are so many cool and interesting globes available now to add to the overall effect of the lamp or to display proudly as they are.

Keep your candles burning this winter and be seduced by their scent and warmth. Candles are an essential for deep winter living, alongside hugging hot chocolates in your favourite chair…or swap that for a glass of your favourite red!

There are some incredible candles out there, created purposely for these chillier months.
A couple of our faves are:

Glass House
Arabian Nights - Featuring ‘oud’, a rare fragrant heartwood with a scent that captures the mystery of winter.
Kyoto -  Camellia, lotus and warm amber – perfection.

And when you want to be really indulgent...
The Boabab range. These are seriously amazing candles created in Tanzania in 2002, Baobab Collection’s candles are inspired by faraway places and wild nature.

A statement piece for every interior, their largest candle (35cm tall!) will light up your home and diffuse its scent for up to an astonishing 800 hours!  Yes please! Try Zanzibar Spices, Miombo Woodlands and Serengeti Plains.

If you are one of the lucky ones - light your fire!

Nothing amps up the snuggle factor more than an open fire does.

Put out a game board, a deck of cards, or a pile of classic books ready for the family to sit and enjoy the flickering glow and warmth, together.

Cover your hardwood floors with rugs, and lots of them, even on the kitchen and bathroom floors (just ensure these are easily washed and dried!)

If you have a large room and need more than one, don’t worry about them matching. As with throw pillows, try and have a common style or a base colour to tie them all in, but go ahead and have some fun with them.

Couches, chairs, and beds all deserve a throw in winter. They look great and feel wonderful when you are curled up with a book or watching a movie.

Why not spoil yourself and include a faux fur throw to your bedroom? Opulent and luxurious, they add a delicious layer of luxury to any room.

What’s on everyone’s wish list this Winter? Well, apart from lying on a tropical beach for three months until the warm days return, that is.

Under. Floor. Heating.
The luxury of heated bathroom floors is apparently at the top of most homeowner’s wish list.

Not only does it heat the room, and your feet, but it also has the added benefit of drying out your towels.  Win- win!

Plants instantly help warm a room and add some natural, vibrant colour when it’s grey outside chases the winter blues away. Who can resist some large, blossom branches with bulbs of pink and white, or the more sedate but very sophisticated magnolias with their large, richly coloured bloom.

From the affordable to the extravagant, these winter warmers will make your home so much more inviting this chilly season.

Which one will you indulge in first?