Is Brisbane a ‘No go zone’?

There have been many headlines over the past 12 months stating that Brisbane will be the best performing city in the near future.  But this ever growing market is fast becoming a patch work quilt of in demand property markets, as well as oversupplied and poorly stocked suburbs right next door.  Informed investors need to know how to spot the difference, or potentially enter at their own risk.

Navigating the Brisbane market has definitely become challenging given the looming oversupply issues, not just to the apartment market but also some suburbs featuring high levels of medium density properties such as townhouses.

Heron Todd White’s Dec 2016 ‘Month In Review’ Report highlights the fact Houses and Units offer very different risk profiles.

I’ve seen one recent comment from a leading national buyers agency that stated ‘you can throw a dart at Brisbane and make money over then next 3 years’ which is totally misleading. There will be great examples of properties that will perform incredibly well but we also need to prepare ourselves for some terrible headlines as well.

It’s how to pick the “right” property types in the “right” suburbs to gain capital growth, all while not hurting your hip pocket each week, that is the trick.  Explaining what I see as the next big shifts for 2017 and beyond will be something I’ll explore in great detail at my complimentary live events in the New Year.

For example, one of the major ‘shifts’ I’ve noticed in the national property market is the vastly different performances of properties within the same postcodes. No longer can an investor read a report that says ‘Brisbane will be the best performing market’ and buy a property without understanding how to select the right property type.

Finding the “right” data and knowing exactly what to look for is becoming the real asset for informed investors, which is why my team and I are constantly crunching the numbers and getting our boots on the ground to let you know what is REALLY happening out there.  To learn where the prime markets for investment will be in 2017, claim your free seat at my next live event near you.